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nikita williams


Nikita was born in Gosford NSW, spent most of her childhood travelling and settled in Sydney in 2007. '

The first time Nikita was introduced to tattoos was when she saw a sword eater covered in stunning traditional tattoos. She remembers being more impressed by the art she was wearing than the tricks she was performing.

She started tattooing in 2018 at a small street shop in Carlton called The Art Of. When she completed her apprenticeship there she continued on until beginning with Little Tokyo towards the end of 2020. She enjoys tattooing a lot of different styles and imagery, but her favourite things to tattoo are animals and flowers. She also loves anything weird and out of the ordinary that tests her imagination and creativity, particularly bordering on the dark and creepy side.

Although she doesn't have any formal art training or schooling, she completed an art class as part of her HSC and spent most of her time in the art room. For her major work she made from scratch a life sized silicone arm and tattooed it from top to bottom with a machine that she made from an electric toothbrush and some wire. This was in 2012 when Bike Gangs were very prominent in Sydney.

Despite having a lot of hobbies outside of tattooing, she finds drawing, painting and making art is always a top priority for her. She believes tattooing is an extremely competitive and difficult craft, and it is something that you can never stop improving your skills on - there is always more to learn and for this reason she can never give enough time to it.

Tattooing has taught Nikita that it is important to be patient and to stay humble. She's learned that complacency is never an option, the only way to succeed is to constantly strive to be better. She feels very grateful to have the opportunity to do what she loves every day, and she's incredibly grateful to the people that put their trust in her.