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Flex No name officially started her apprenticeship in 2012 in Nimbin, Northern NSW and has been tattooing for the last 9 years. However, prior to this she was married to a tattoo artist - Lucky Diamond Rich who she travelled the world with attending tattoo conventions. During this time, Flex tattooed both her husband and his tattooist friends who encouraged her to pursue tattooing as a career, under their guidance.

She left home in her early/mid-teens and was drawn to the Sydney punk scene. Everyone was older and most of them were tattooed. Too young to be tattooed in a professional studio and itching to get one, Flex received her first tattoo in the lounge of one of the punk houses she lived in - not something she would recommend.

Apart from the studio in Nimbin where she initially worked, Flex has only ever worked at Inner Vision Tattoo and Little Tokyo.

Her favourite form of tattooing is mostly bold, solid ornamental black work, and also enjoys tattooing dot work and black and grey. Designs and patterns in black work can also serve as a way of covering older tattoos that the client may have outgrown.

She appreciates the idea of transforming a client’s relationship with their body and being the conduit to making them feel more comfortable in their own skin. Flex also completed a Masters degree in printmaking after seven years at The National Art School in Sydney.From this point on, she became part of a stable of artists in a renowned gallery exhibiting in Sydney and Melbourne and was lucky enough throughout this period to win some monetary awards, grants and scholarships which took her to places such as San Francisco and Rome to live and work.

Boxing would be Flex’s greatest passion outside of tattooing. A few years ago, she was about to have her first amateur fight but unfortunately experienced some serious medical negligence that put her out of action for a while.