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Lance was born in Tonga to Danish and Mauritian parents, and moved to Australia when he was about 2 years old.

He was fascinated by tattoos since the day he saw a man covered head to toe in ink when he as young as 4 years old.

He was always into drawing as a little kid, using sharpies on himself and friends to draw tattoos and coming home with ‘full sleeves’ to show off much to his parents dismay.

In high school he was buying tattoo magazines and trying to teach himself how to draw.

Lance started his apprenticeship in late 2011 at Zodiac Tattz, Ulladulla. He worked there for about 4 years before moving to Sydney, where he was a resident artist at Authentink studio for about 3 and a half years. From there he went to Whistler st. in Manly for a year, but after missing working in the city, he finally started working at Little Tokyo in the beginning of 2020.

Japanese has always been his favourite style to tattoo but he also enjoys custom lettering and geometric pieces. His main inspiration comes from old ukiyo-e prints and brush paintings along with a long list of amazing tattooers that always push him to work harder.

Tattooing has taught him to always be a student - there’s always something new to learn which makes every day interesting.

Aside from tattooing he's a sneaker loving, basketball enthusiast.