It may be your first tattoo or you may even be walking around donning a full body suit, either way preparing for your tattoo and looking after it will still require the same love and affection.Here is some information on what to expect and some of our must do’s (and don’ts) to keep you and your tattoo on top form.

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If you are searching for ideas for a tattoo the internet is obviously a great source of information and probably the first place you look, but don’t reply on this alone. Pinterest, Google and Instagram have some awesome images to go off but sometimes there can be so much on the internet to choose from that it can leave you overwhelmed with information and ironically, stuck for inspiration.
If for example, you want a black and grey realistic scene with mountains and trees and animals, have a look at books of landscape photography from around the world, if you are lucky enough it might even just be a case of looking out your window. What animals do you like? Birds, bears, tigers? There are over 60,000 different species of trees that you can choose from.. SO many sources away from the internet. Think of back before the internet began and we needed to feel creative, we turned to books, photographs, films, environments, friends, families and ourselves for inspiration.
We LOVE creating new ideas for tattoos and want you to also feel that you are getting something unique and all of your own. So if you do find yourself wanting a tattoo but can’t find anything you like whilst scrolling around websites, remember the above, get in touch for a consultation and we can turn your imagination into something beautiful.
Good communication = a good tattoo. The consultation is the chance to sit down with an artist, talk things over, bounce ideas of of each other and plan something great. If there is something you want, now is your chance to ask for it. It is a lifetime commitment so please speak up!
Now that you have figured out what tattoo you want, have had a consultation and are confident in your artist, it’s time to make the appointment! Whilst we do try and allow time for walk ins, we also get quite busy and a booking is always advisable to avoid disappointment.
Deposits are required when making an appointment and we will do our best to provide you the date you want, but sometimes artists can be booked out, possibly for months. A good tattoo is always well worth the wait and I know i know, you have spent hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS bouncing back and forth deciding on the design; trust me a little longer won’t hurt.
A good design will also require a decent amount of time being put into it and as exciting as it is, it doesn’t always magically happen over night. We understand that you want to make sure its perfect and that you LOVE IT before you go commit, which is why we might need to spend a little time with you on the day to go over everything before starting.

You may look older than you are, maybe you look younger but you must be over 18 to be tattooed here and you need to bring your ID. One question we seem to get a lot is if we tattoo under 18s with parents consent, we don’t.

IF POSSIBLE. Easier said than done I’m sure. But try not to go out and get absolutely shitfaced the night before and come in straight from the club. A well rested human is a happy human..

Please don’t come in wasted or if i even need to say it, on drugs. Not only are you going to completely regret it once your here and have sit through your tattoo but alcohol thins your blood and usually requires multiple trips to the toilet; which means the artist will have to keep stopping and starting causing you to have to sit through it for even longer. Also not everyone can handle their drinks.. do you really want us holding your hair and rubbing your back over the toilet? If you don’t get drunk before you come in for the tattoo, neither will we!

If you think you are going to be late please let us know. It happens, it’s not always in our control but it just means we get chance to allow extra time and if necessary we can let the person know coming in after you that we might be running a little behind. Likewise, we will do the same for you.

Not only does drinking enough water keep your body in balance it also feeds the skin. We live in a pretty hot country (most of the time) which means we can get dehydrated and therefor the skin can dry out. Drinking enough water before, during and after can only do you good in the long run! Looking after your skin by drinking the right amount of water over time will help with the upkeep of your tattoo.

You have heard it before but DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. It really is the most important meal of the day. If you’re on a diet, THIS IS YOUR CHEAT DAY! Your body actually uses up energy whilst you’re being tattooed so you need to make sure that belly of yours has had a good feed before you come in. Feel free to bring some snacks and drinks (and share). We have a fridge, microwave, water machine, tea’s and coffee. We are also located in Surry Hills which is laced with great eateries and if you don’t want to do the walk around/its raining then there is always Uber Eats!

….Surely no explanation needed here…

We don’t care what you look like, we just want you to be comfy. We also need easy access to the area we will be tattooing so for example tight skinny jeans probably aren’t appropriate if your getting your leg tattoed. We have screen guards for privacy if you do forget this step but you probably won’t want to be walking home with your new tattoo being friction burned by your jeans. Where possible either dress accordingly or bring a change of clothes.

Unless David Attenborough said it. Google is a blessing and a curse. Do your research obviously but remember, everyone is different and what hurts for them may not hurt for you and vice versa. If you read into it too far then you might just make yourself unnecessarily nervous.
If you are considering using a numbing cream, please consult with your artist before hand. If you are in for a long time you can expect the cream to wear off and then potentially be in for a bigger surprise when you start to feel it half way in. Also please do an allergy test 48 hours before to make sure you don’t get any nasty reaction.
If you are on any medication or have any medical conditions that you think may effect you when you are getting your tattoo, please consult your doctor prior to making your appointment.


We really do care about you and your time here and want you to be as comfortable as possible. We will do our best to help you relax, be sat comfortably and if you need to take breaks please let your artist know. If you feel uneasy, speak up, have a stretch and a breather; as my mum always says – a good cup of tea always makes you feel better. If you don't like tea, try the old breathing techniques.

We don't bite and love that our job can be so engaging with new people. Sometimes we spend an hour, sometimes two and sometimes we get your lovely company for the whole day so open up, share your secrets, tell us all about it.
On the contrary… We've got some good funky tunes but please feel free to bring along some headphones, your iPod/phone or an iPad if you want to zone out a bit.
Tip:You can now download things on Netflix so you don't need to worry about your data.

And your Dad, Sister, Brother, Cat, and Dog but its probably not that fun for your whole crew to sit there all day staring at you. Do bring a friend with you if you feel you need it but please don't bring an entourage. We want the other guests and artists to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Incase you need to be here a little longer than you expected. Most artists charge an hourly rate, sometimes a fixed price will be set but the overall cost of a tattoo depends on more than just the artists ability to tattoo. Everyones skin is different and everyones skin takes ink differently.  A good tattoo can't and won't be rushed, not everyone can sit through the whole thing and if you're in for the whole day, you are going to need a break or two.


Something not to be avoided and should be followed as recommended by your artist…different artists or different studios may mix it up slightly, for example different brands of products to apply, but the fundamentals will be the same. Its important to look after your tattoo and you're pretty much the only person who really benefits from it so make sure you do a good job!

Going on holiday? To a festival? How about that diving trip you always wanted to go on? Maybe try and plan ahead to make sure that you don't have to miss on laying by the pool in the sunshine before you book your tattoo.

You shouldn't give up looking after your tattoo after a couple of weeks just because it looks healed. Its going to be on your body a long time and if you look after it now it should still look great.


Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.
Keep your tattoo wrapped for 2-3hrs then give it a good wash with soapy water (antibacterial soap preferred).
For the first 24hrs, keep your tattoo completely wrapped only removing the bandage to clean. From the next day, there’s no need to wrap it anymore.
Continue to wash 2-3 times a day, pat dry, let it air for 5-10 minutes & apply a small amount of cream.
After your tattoo has healed (approx 7-10 days), it will remain dry for a few weeks. Continue with cream or moisturiser until it’s completely settled.

Soak your tattoo (no swimming, baths, spas)Have prolonged sun exposure or sun bake.
Pick at or scratch your tattoo or let other people touch it. Listen to friends, or strangers about aftercare.

Half the job is getting the tattoo & the other half is how you take care of it!