Our artists


Trick is a Sydney based black and grey realism artist from the Blue Mountains, tattooing full time for about 8 years now.

When he was 16, he took his drawings to Wicked in Penrith whilst his friend was getting tattooed and was curious to know how to get into the industry. He started his apprenticeship in 2010 at ‘Infamous Ink’ in Merrylands.

After working there for 4 years, Trick opened and worked in his own private studio in Balmain for two and a half years. From there, he travelled on and off spending a lot of the time working in Canada just south of Toronto at a studio called ‘Hamilton Tattoo Parlour’ for roughly two years. Upon returming to Sydney, Trick joined the team at Little Tokyo and has been working here since.

He has a background in Fine Arts at TAFE and also studied graphic design and advertising.

Trick likes to spend his spare time painting walls. He has always had a love for graffiti and fondly remembers his early teenage years where he and his friends would paint walls together. Having a background in graffiti, he believes that ‘flow’ is important in originality. Trick draws inspiration from Japanese work when incorporating the ‘flow’ into his art. His favourite imagery to tattoo is skulls and large scale statues.