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Mitch Oscar was born and raised in Sydney, growing up heavily involved and influence by art from a young age.

He first started drawing in kindergarten, inspired by portraits drawn by his mum. During his early teens, he was involved in street art and by the end of high school he was closely studying the Renaissance masters. Post graduation, Mitch was a graphic designer for 4 years before pursuing a tattooing apprenticeship at Ink Arcade in Cronulla and Macarthur.

During his 3 years at Ink Arcade, Mitch learned the foundations to become an adept tattooist, mostly tattooing script, roman numerals and designs based of clients internet references until he built up the skills to do more advanced pieces focusing on the Neo Traditional and Black and Grey styles.

Mid 2020, Mitch made the switch to King Street Tattoo in Newtown where he served as a busy walk-in all-rounder building the skills and pace to keep up with the heavy volume of one of Sydney’s busiest streets. Here he was exposed to the beautiful history of Traditional tattooing and grew an appreciation for classic tattooing which he now focuses his work on.

As of May 2021, Mitch made the move to Little Tokyo continuing to ply his trade and to grow as both a tattooer, an artist and as a person.