Our artists


Jiho Jong has been tattooing for 6 years and specialises in Traditional Japanese tattoos, building his own strength and identity through his art.

He is originally from Seoul-South Korea and has now been living in Sydney for the last 15 years. After graduating high school, Jiho decided to join the Korean Marine Corp which is where he was introduced to tattooing. During the holiday break, his friend took him to a tattoo studio in Seoul where he watched how tattoo artists draw, paint, prepare, and tattoo. It was at that moment that Jiho knew this was the lifestyle he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life.

In 2014, he finished serving in the military and came back to Sydney where he started studying fine arts at TAFE. His apprenticeship started at Goodfellaz ink in Neutral Bay and he worked there for 5 years prior to moving to Little Tokyo in 2019.

Ever since Jiho was a child, he was interested in art and loved to draw and make objects. He specifically remembers continuously drawing black dragons which unsurprisingly became one of his favourite images to tattoo. Jiho focuses on the concept of the ‘flow’ as Japanese tattoos hold a variety of historical storylines that he tries to convey in his art, especially when tattooing winds, water, waves, and clouds. With these elements he aims to replicate their unique flow through the way the tattoo naturally moves with each body shape and muscle.

His works are inspired by ukiyo-e (Japanese wood block prints) and Japanese classic tattoos by Japanese tattoo masters such as Horikazu Horitoshi Horiyoshi Horitoku.

Jiho is inspired by traditional Japanese tattoos because they are powerful. He believes they have a power that cannot be found in any other style of tattoos and this power can transfer to a person - giving lifelong strength and confidence. In future, Jiho plans to continue to explore and replicate this power in his art.