Our artists

brett hayes


My childhood was spent watching cartoons/animated movies, doing graffiti, skateboarding/bodyboarding and Martial Arts.

Ive always had a love of art. I originally wanted to be an animator. In year 10 I did animation for work experience.

After school, I had a bunch of odd jobs, mostly in customer service/retail industries. After a few years, I decided to go to Tafe to do a fine arts degree. I majored in oil painting. I’ve also studied at National art school and Julian Ashton’s as well as doing several workshops with well-known Australian artists.

After Tafe I started selling paintings through Gallery Oscar and did several Art Fairs with them.

I had been getting tattooed since I first turned 18 and had a love for Japanese tattooing. I had a childhood friend who was a tattoo artist and in 2009 I got an opportunity to apprentice under him. After one year of working with him, I moved over to Tatudharma to be apprenticed under Nathan Puata and Josh Roelink. I had a year apprenticeship with Nathan. I’ve been tattooing for 9 years now. My main focus is on Japanese style tattoos, which is the work I personally love the most. All my own tattoos are Japanese inspired. I’ve tattooed in Melbourne and New Zealand, done many different conventions/guest spots and been tattooed myself in Japan (twice), New Zealand and London. After Tatudharma, I worked at Lighthouse Tattoo for 7 yrs. A few months ago a moved over to Little Tokyo to work along side Rhys Gordon and the crew.  

I’m inspired to create art everyday and I love that I get to tattoo people for a living. I still do some painting when I can and may look at showing again in the future.