Our artists


Born in Bangkok Thailand

AO worked as a technician architect and a designer for a few companies while establishing his own brand of design.

Originally, AO planned to travel just to further his education and to see various aspects of design in Sydney.

After running his own business for 10 years he was drained out of passion on the creative side and decided to return to his artistic roots and start sketching paintings again.

AO made a few professional tattooist friends and could see that tattoo techniques have progressed far beyond what he knew a decade ago. AO was hooked and before he knew it, it'd been five years!

As he had completed many design courses before, he found out that tattoo is a combination of Fine and Apply Art. It's a combination of Art and commercial art together plus skill of art as well. A Thai tattoo artist in Sydney inspired him a lot.

AO spent 2 years in fashion design at East Sydney TAFE and 1.5 years in Master of design at College of Fine Art UNSW. AO started working at The Illustrated Man, then Tora Sumi Tattoo and now Little Tokyo. He is deeply inspired by pop culture and Japanese woodblock arts. AO loves a mix of delicate and bold lines and flowing, harmonious colours.

His preferences are small to medium size tattoo of Neo Japanese, pop culture, Neo Traditional , New school. colour or black and grey.