W.T. NORBERT // www.wtnorbert-tattoo.com

Norbert is a rock in Sydney tattooing, having previously worked at well established institutions of Sydney tattooing Inner Vision and Hunter and Fox, Norbert specialises in his own contemporary take on bold, traditional tattooing. 

Opening his first tattoo shop ‘Perun’ in the city of Gdanskin, Poland in 1993 Norbert studied classical painting and conceptual art while exhibiting and performing throughout galleries in Europe.

In 2003 he moved to Berlin to explore another big passion, music where he continued to tattoo while getting involved in a few punk bands (The Nothings, The Assassinations). Being a part of Berlin’s music scene meant many customers were often touring bands and rockstars from all over the world.

Norbert managed ‘No Pain No Brain Tattoo Parlour and Gallery’ from 2006 - 2008 which was opened by close friend Wally, from the White Trash Club as well as working as a regular guest artist with Henning Jorgensen at Royal Tattoo (Denmark) which was a big influence on his career.

Norbert is focused on custom tattooing, delivering unique tattoos based on best traditions taking inspiration from all different paths which express a fusion of western tattooing, art and fashion history, fetish and erotic art, photography and vintage illustration.

Please check out his Instagram @wtnorbert