SGT Bananas - Never Grow Old

There comes a time in most kid's lives when they decide that they're too old for their figurines, Lego or Hot Wheels collection and begin to turn their attention to more "grown-up" things. It's either that or one day your Mum secretly gives your toys away to your younger cousin while you're at School. Either way, for most people our toys eventually become irrelevant as we grow older and our imagination is slowly replaced with thoughts of relationships, careers or mortgages.

Luckily for Northern California based 'toy photographer' Johnny Wu, it would seem as though the imagination never dried up and the toys were never given away. Wu has become one of the world's most renown toy photographers. His work, heavily Star Wars based, has gained him quite a large following under the Instagram alias @sgtbananas where he showcases an impressive portfolio of work.

Upon first glance, Wu's photographs appear to be a series of screen grabs from the latest Star Wars, Spiderman or Sci-Fi movies. It's not until further inspection that you realise what you are looking at is a home-made scene brought to life by miniature figurines, clever settings, a brilliant imagination and great photography.

All images are from Wu's Instagram account: @sgtbananas

Do yourself a favour and check him out.