CJ Hendry

While it seems as though today’s society is functioning by the likes and followings of one’s Instagram account, professional and full-time artist CJ Hendry is no exception to the rule. Discovered on Instagram by her now-agent ‘The Cool Hunter’, Hendry’s work has exploded across the world thanks to a keen eye for detail and a social media frenzy.

Originally studying Architecture and eventually dropping-out because of her refusal to use a computer to render her plans, it’s clear through her work that she has a an eye for intrinsic detail. Her work sometimes appearing excruciatingly detailed is somewhat unbelievable when you know she has used just a series of pens and a well-taken photograph.


Hendry recently made headlines when she purchased a pair of ‘Back to the Future’ limited edition Nike Airmags for $9000.00 and dipped them in black paint. Sneaker heads across the globe were in outrage as the images went viral. Hendry eventually sold the artwork for $130,000.00 with all proceeds going to charity.

While her exhibitions see her go through obsessions with objects such as metallic balloons or balls, Hendry has become renown for her work with high-end fashion brands including Hermes and Chanel. Her success has seen her relocate from small town Melbourne, Australia to the concrete jungle of New York. We’re excited to see how far this talented Aussie artist can push her art.

Images via Google Images