Little Tokyo is Moving…Soon

It’s official! We’re on the move, and over the next few weeks we’ll be packing up shop and loading all of our artists into the new digs.

Only a few minutes walk from Central station, we’re pretty excited about being able to throw open the doors and walk you through the new space.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get plenty of notice before your next appointment with an email to confirm what will be the first day in the new studio.

Stay tuned...


Little Tokyo welcomes W.T Norbert

We are pleased and honoured to announce that W.T Norbert will be tattooing at Little Tokyo full time as of February 2017. Tattooing since 1991, Norbert will be coming to Little Tokyo after spending several months tattooing in Europe. Norbert is a rock in Sydney tattooing, having previously worked at well established institutions of Sydney tattooing Inner Vision and Hunter and Fox. Norbert specialises in his own contemporary take on bold traditional tattooing. To book with Norbert, send him an email at 


Little Tokyo were stoked to take part in The Galeries, '2016 Spring Social', where we were invited to paint live to honour the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival - ‘Sakura’.

Tattoo Artists Rhys Gordon and Joel Ang invited customers to take part in painting a massive 3 meter dragon and cherry blossom tree. 

The painting will be hung mid October in the Galeries 'Lane Four' art gallery. Head to The Galeries website for more information

Photographs by: Iain Buchan

'Behind the Lines' - Tattoo Sunday

A few weekends ago, our exhibition 'Behind The Lines' wrapped-up with its closing day, 'Tattoo Sunday'. First and foremost, we'd like to say thank you to everyone that came to support our work, our cause and the tattoo industry. We've been overwhelmed by the support from the arts and tattoo communities alike, and are honoured to have showcased the artistry and the work that goes on 'behind the lines' of our industry.

We'd also like to thank the team at 'aMBUSH Gallery' for their support, sponsor 'Sailor Jerry' for the cheers and to everyone that made this event happen.

'Tattoo Sunday' showcased live tattooing from the Little Tokyo crew, Shane Gallagher Coley, NIXX and live Tabori from Horiken of Shibuya, Japan. Live talks were also given from featured artists Steve Smith, NIXX, Rhys Gordon and Emma Salmon of 'The Black Light'. We would also like to thank Max Chater, Sydney tattoo royalty for sharing his insights into Australia's Tattoo History.

Here's a few pictures from the day - images credited to 'aMBUSH Gallery' and photographer
'Enzo Amato'.

Little Tokyo welcomes JOEL ANG

LITTLE TOKYO are excited to be welcoming Joel Ang to the crew this September. 

Originally from Singapore, Joel's work is heavily influenced by Japanese and traditional oriental styles. 

Not only is Joel and amazing tattoo artist but his incredible watercolour paintings are a credit to his artistry. Contact the studio for consultation and booking enquiries. 

'Behind The Lines' Opening Night - aMBUSH Gallery

A big thank you to Central Park Mall, aMBUSH Gallery, Sailor Jerry and everyone that came out to support our opening night of 'Behind the Lines'. We are stoked with the turn-out and the response.

We would also like to thank the featured/contributing artists involved in this exhibition. Rhys Gordon, Emma Salmon 'The Black Light', Steve Smith, Horiken, Shane Gallagher Coley, NIXX and the Little Tokyo crew. 

'Behind the Lines' will end on Sunday, 14 August with 'Tattoo Sunday' - featuring live tattooing including the ancient art of Tabori performed by artists including Rhys Gordon, Horiken, Shane Gallagher Coley, NIXX and the Little Tokyo crew.

Here's a vid and some pics from the opening night.

Photographs: 'Enzo Amato / aMBUSH Gallery'

Further information on our featured artists can be found at | |

FAN GIRL FRIDAYS - Second Edition

It's the end of another big week here at LITTLE TOKYO, so we thought we'd finish it off with A HAPPY ENDING! For your viewing pleasure, Arabella Drummond:

All images via Pinterest

Little Tokyo welcomes MAIJA ARMINEN

LITTLE TOKYO is happy to announce that MAIJA ARMINEN will be joining the crew from the first of July. Bringing a softer touch to our studio, Maija is fast becoming renown for her Art Nouveau, Neo Traditional and Colour Realism. 

Maija’s education in fine art is evident in her work. Using pastel colour palettes and fine line work, she has the ability to create amazingly intricate details.

Maija won Female Tattoo of the day and was runner-up on Day 2 of the 2015, Sydney Tattoo Expo.

Contact the studio for booking enquiries. 

All images are from Maija's Instagram. Check her out: @maija_tattoo



Hotrod & Custom Auto Expo - LIVE TATTOOING

LITTLE TOKYO are honoured to be tattooing live at the 2016, Sydney Hotrod and Custom Auto Expo. Rhys Gordon will be tattooing alongside fellow guest artists Nixx, Frank and Danel Matos from 383 on the Gold Coast.

The expo will be held this weekend (14-15.05.16) at Rose Hill Racecourse. Come down and check out some fucking cool cars & bikes, hot babes, grab a give-away and watch us bang-out a tattoo or two. Tickets are available at the gates. 

For more information, head to

Images via Sydney Hotrod and Custom Auto Expo

SGT Bananas - Never Grow Old

There comes a time in most kid's lives when they decide that they're too old for their figurines, Lego or Hot Wheels collection and begin to turn their attention to more "grown-up" things. It's either that or one day your Mum secretly gives your toys away to your younger cousin while you're at School. Either way, for most people our toys eventually become irrelevant as we grow older and our imagination is slowly replaced with thoughts of relationships, careers or mortgages.

Luckily for Northern California based 'toy photographer' Johnny Wu, it would seem as though the imagination never dried up and the toys were never given away. Wu has become one of the world's most renown toy photographers. His work, heavily Star Wars based, has gained him quite a large following under the Instagram alias @sgtbananas where he showcases an impressive portfolio of work.

Upon first glance, Wu's photographs appear to be a series of screen grabs from the latest Star Wars, Spiderman or Sci-Fi movies. It's not until further inspection that you realise what you are looking at is a home-made scene brought to life by miniature figurines, clever settings, a brilliant imagination and great photography.

All images are from Wu's Instagram account: @sgtbananas

Do yourself a favour and check him out.




As always, it's been a busy week here at LITTLE TOKYO. Events, parties, organising guest artists, rearranging the shop and of course - tattoos. Here's a little recap of our week so we can remember on Monday...

Cheers to @gluestore and @tailormadepr for having us!!!

Here's just a few of the 'combat tattoos' Rhys Gordon knocked out on the night - I think it was 17 in 2.5hrs.

Danel Matos from 383 Tattoo on the Gold Coast will be 'guest spotting' in our studio on a regular basis...  Hailing from Brazil, Danel is known for his Japanese work and graphic approach to traditional tattoos. He can also knock-out some pretty mean script. Check out his work... @danel_matos

...and here are just a few of the tattoos from the guys at the studio this week...

FAN GIRL FRIDAYS - First Edition

It's HAPPY FRIDAY here at Little Tokyo so were kicking it off with our first FAN GIRL FRIDAY post featuring model Torrie Blake. Happy days...

Photographs by Various photographers
Images via Pinterest